Our Approach

We come from a view that each person is on their journey and that people have their own choices to make.

It’s a challenging area with heaps to consider so we encourage clients to take their time to work through all the issues relating to the decision making process…

Problem Pregnancy Help (Pre & Post)

    At Priceless House, we offer a holistic, person centric approach to each journey we encounter.

    Pregnancy Counselling

    Our counsellors are highly qualified and are especially skilled in the area of crisis pregnancy, options counselling.

    Priceless-Life-Centre-Counselling-Care-PregnancyIf you or someone you know is facing an unexpected pregnancy then our Priceless Counselling team can help with a listening ear, additional information and an objective perspective.

    The counsellors can also assess your specific needs and identify how to respond to them accordingly via the range of our services.


    What happens at a counselling session?

    If it’s your first session, you may be encouraged to answer a series of establishing questions in our little starter booklet.  This may assist you in beginning to unlock your otherwise stressed mind and heart.

    Then, with a nice refreshment served up in one of our relaxing spaces, it’s over to you to tell your story and have a voice as we face whatever the situation is together.

    As our crisis counselling is a free service, we also ensure you may stay for as long as is necessary in those initial sessions to arrive at a decision about your pregnancy pathway that you are happy with.

    You may need or wish to be linked up with one of our mentors to work with you further beyond that for extra support.

    Some pathways you might consider include: (drop down explanations/ new pages)

    • Legal Guardianship – a private legal arrangement; putting your child into longer term care with a couple of your choice
    • Adoption – gifting your child to a caring couple
    • Fostering – postponing parenting until ready to regain biological parenting duties
    • Family Placement – coordinating the care of your baby by a family member or their Father
    • Parenting – supporting you in adapting to this choice
    • Termination – aborting your baby
    • And whatever combination of thoughts come out of your sessions with us! 😉

    Then we can also arrange:

    • Post Abortion Counselling
    • Miscarriage Counselling
    • Infertility Counselling/ Couple Therapy
    • For the Guys
    • For the Parents/ Grandparents/ Other Family Members

    Why Priceless Mentoring?

    Because it’s at least a 9 month journey with some friendly, practical support required …So, Mentors offer a different approach to traditional counseling services.
    Caring Devonshire Tea BrisbaneWhere counseling provides a more targeted approach to addressing a client’s situation, a mentor is more like
    an empowering friend with a purpose.

    Our mentors bring about the best in people and help them to feel positive about their strengths and not
    criticising their failures.

    What is Priceless Mentoring?

    Provides a listening ear, support and guidance to provide a sense of hope and empowerment along
    with a responsive facilitation to the individual client needs.

    For example, a mentor might offer:

    • A supportive ear at the other end of the phone; or over a cuppa
    • Attendance at medical appointments
    • Coaching re personal goals
    • Facilitation of material items

    Our program is adapted on the framework of a licensed, nationally recognised structure developed
    by Mission Australia called COACH

    Who is a Priceless Mentor?

    A Priceless Mentor is someone who commits to walking the journey with our women, men
    or families, most specifically experiencing an unplanned or problematic pregnancy.

    Mentors are willing to walk alongside them.

    They provide a listening ear, support and guidance and are positive in their outlook so
    as to maintain a sense of hope and empowerment along the way.

    Who are our clients?

    We know that often these circumstances don’t only affect the person who is or has been pregnant, but
    indeed the partner, the parents, and other people in the extended network are often impacted including:

    • Women, men and families
    • Those with unplanned or complicated pregnancy
    • Those who are post-abortive
    • People who need support with everyday family issues
    • Anyone impacted by the story of a loved one experiencing any of the above scenarios

    In most cases clients will be referred by Priceless Life counselors

    How is a client matched with a Mentor?

    1. Client is referred to the Mentor Coordinator – Either from counsellor or outside referral
    2. Coordinator meets with the client to assess their needs.
    3. Coordinator will introduce mentor to client
    4. If both mentor and client are happy with the match, between them they will arrange their next meeting
    5. The initial meeting takes place at Priceless House but can follow on from there elsewhere too

    "I was so grateful and moved... I could literally feel the support from the weight of that package!"

    If a woman or couple do in fact decide to continue a pregnancy, we have a variety of material support structures, strategies and offerings in place.

    From baby goods to massage… we’re there for whatever Mumma or Papa needs!

    Our ‘Priceless Packages’ Team work mainly with second hand goods they lovingly clean and prepare into packs as well as some handcrafted donations.

    We are conscious of being complete in our services by also considering those experiencing infertility, multiple miscarriage or failed IVF cycles.

    We therefore offer a unique and natural approach for women to learn and understand their fertility and gynaecological health.

    InfertilityWhen combined with Napro Technology, couples will gain a true understanding of their infertility and receive treatment that supports and cooperates naturally to achieve a pregnancy.

    Women who have endured multiple miscarriages will receive the care they need to maintain their pregnancies to term.

    Couples wanting to space the timing between pregnancies can achieve this by knowing the periods of fertility and infertility that occur naturally in a woman’s cycle.

    For women diagnosed with PCOS, ovarian cysts or suffering with the debilitating symptoms of PMS, treatment is available.

    ALSO: Postnatal depression is a treatable condition with NaproTechnology.

    It is, bottom line, an incredibly effective treatment.  It far exceeds the effectiveness of either psychotherapy or antidepressants and should be considered in the treatment of postpartum depression. There’s lots of potency in bioidentical progesterone!

    How does it work? (In a nutshell)

    By gaining an understanding of your “normal cycle” a woman can easily identify when changes occur and receive the appropriate treatment.  

    The process, involves an initial meeting with our Creighton Model FertilityCare Practitioner, during which an general overview of the System is explained. A look at our reproductive systems and how the female reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone play an important role in our natural periods of  fertility and infertility.  At the end of this session, clients go home and commence charting the womans menstrual cycle.

    Further appointments  follow fortnightly, i.e. at 2, 4, 6, 8 weeks after the initial appointment.  During this time, continued learning and teaching occurs, with specific attention to the previous two weeks charting.

    Further appointments are at 12 weeks (3 months), 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.  Clients will then progress onto 6 or 12 monthly appointments or sooner if necessary.

    Appointments are available with our practitioners on:

    Monday at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Toowoomba

    Tuesday to Friday at our Woolloongabba centre

    Skype sessions can also be arranged



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    Why did Cathryn Marshall become a FertilityCare Pracitioner? She says…

    Our first two children were conceived without trying.  But we then went onto suffer secondary infertility.  No reason was ever provided to us.  After 5 years our 3rd child was born, followed by a miscarriage two years later.  Our 4th child was born 3 years later.  The confusion felt cannot be explained.  Through teaching this model to couples, I know that the answers for the questions they have can be answered.  They do not need to stumble through infertility  whether primary or secondary!

    I am so looking forward to my first client achieving the pregnancy that they so desire!

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    Often women or couples encounter medical issues around pregnancy that cause confusion and worry.

    Priceless Infertilehas a network of affiliate medical practitioners – from GP’s to Obstetricians – who can be available for consultation (often pro bono) either on site or off.

    We also offer in-house birth partnering with trained doula’s or midwives, antenatal and postnatal support.

    And while we have free pregnancy tests, dopplers and ultrasounds on site, we are linked in with the Mater Hospital’s Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU) who uphold standards of excellence in early pregnancy sonography.

    What kind of medical scenarios do we come across?
    The kind of medical scenarios we see in this work vary but some of them include:

    • RU486 Abortion Pill Reversal requests
    • Loss of amniotic fluid
    • Concerns about the health of the pre born baby
    • MRI during pregnancy
    • Drugs/ Alcohol during pregnancy
    • Fibroids
    • Mis-shapen uterus
    • PCOS/ Endometriosis
    • (and much more!)