Our Approach

We come from a view that each person is on their journey and that people have their own choices to make. It’s a challenging area with many things to consider so we encourage clients to take their time to work through all the issues relating to the decision making process. At Priceless House, we offer a holistic approach to each journey we encounter.


Pregnancy Counselling

Everyone’s story is unique. At Priceless we aim to provide a safe place for you to work through all the complexities of your situation, to have your worries and concerns heard, and to gain insight into the alternatives before you. Counselling is also available for those who have experienced pregnancy losses, including loss through abortion. Counselling can be available for anyone involved in the pregnancy related situation.

All our counsellors are qualified and experienced and all our counselling services are free. Face-to-face counselling is available at Priceless House, 34 Wellington Rd, Woolloongabba (call reception on 32 174 114 to make an appointment), via our helpline 1800 090 777 or by email, Facebook or Skype.


Priceless Mentoring Services 

Our Priceless Mentors walk alongside our mums providing a listening ear and support throughout the journey. 

This could include:

  • A listening ear at the other end of the phone or over a cuppa
  • Attendance at medical appointments
  • Life coaching and assistance with material goods

All our mentors are trained using the nationally recognised COACH program by Mission Australia.


Priceless Peeps (Practical Support)

We provide a range of maternity, baby and nursery items for women and their families in need of material support. We can also provide referrals for other services in the community.


Early Parenting 

To further support for our Mums we offer the Shine program, the Triple P Parenting online course, and Circle of Security at different times. We also run a fortnightly Mums and Bubs group for those Mums who want to continue to meet at Priceless House.